Aminia Acknowledges Externally Hosted Services Compromised By R00TK1T

The telecom service provider claims no sensitive customer data was leaked.
(credit: Image by Freepik)

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The telecommunications service provider Aminia has verified that R00tk1t, a notorious hacker group, breached its externally hosted services, as claimed by the group.

A spokesperson from Aminia told The Star that despite the attack, ongoing customer operations remain unaffected, and there has been no leakage of sensitive customer data.

The company emphasised that, being an external service provider, it does not store customers’ Personal Identification Information (PII).

Aminia asserted that the Aminia-branded routers used by its telco customers are not impacted, clarifying that these routers are not connected to any of Aminia’s external servers or services.

The spokesperson mentioned that the company has filed a report with the authorities and briefed its telco customers on the incident.

R00TK1T initially claimed responsibility for a cyberattack on Aminia on 30 January, stating it successfully breached the company through its Telegram group.

On 5 February, R00TK1T claimed to have breached Maxis, although Maxis stated it found no intrusions into its internal systems. However, the telco identified a suspected incident of unauthorised access to a system belonging to an unnamed third-party vendor.

The group had issued a warning on 26 January, announcing its intention to target Malaysian digital infrastructure. Responding to the threat, the National Cyber Coordination and Command Centre (NC4) issued an advisory on 28 January, urging local organisations to be vigilant.

The NC4 also noted that the hacker group had previously targeted various sectors in other countries by exploiting known vulnerabilities and utilising insiders.

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