R00TK1T Claims To Have Hit Maxis’ Network In Kulim, Warns That They Will Launch More Attacks

They said that Maxis should acknowledge the cyberattacks and make it public.
(credit: Image by Freepik)

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Hacker group R00TK1T has claimed that they have hit Maxis’ network in Kulim, Kedah as retaliation for the telco denying that its systems have been compromised.

They demanded in their Telegram group for Maxis to issue a public statement and admit that their systems have been breached.

We’ve successfully infiltrated Kulim’s network, bypassed their feeble firewall, and plunged their system back into the dark ages.


R00TK1T saying that if Maxis doesn’t come out and acknowledge cyberattack, they will be deploying hackers to attack and are eager to expose the telco’s vulnerabilities.

(Credit: R00TK1T)

The hacker group added that that their attack teams are “relentless”, and they “will not rest until justice is served”.

They will soon realize the extent of their involvement in this attack, especially when they issue statements filled with incorrect details.


R00TK1T also uploaded multiple screenshots, allegedly containing sensitive data on the Telegram group.

Maxis has come out with a statement recently denying claims that their systems have been breached, but they mentioned that one of their third-party vendors have been compromised.

The telco said that they’re conducting investigations and they have notified the relevant authorities on the matter.

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r00tk1t plans to attack more institutions

In one of the messages written in the group, R00TK1T says that Maxis is not the only organisation that they’re targetting as they plan to attack more organisations in the future.

They said their discontent with the country runs deep, and they will not rest until their message is heard loud and clear.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to disrupt and dismantle the foundations of these companies. The chaos will end, and the people of Malaysia will finally know the truth.


It has been previously reported that Aminia, a telecommunications and oil palm plantation company and online tutor platform YouTutor were also allegedly attacked by the hacker group.

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