Acer Commits to Carbon Neutrality for Vero  Laptop Line

More details of the Acer Aspire Vero 16 will be shared in January in Las Vegas.

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Acer today shared its commitment to carbon neutrality for its  Aspire Vero laptop line, starting from the new Aspire Vero 16 (AV16-51P). Following international standards for carbon footprint calculation and carbon neutrality, actions are taken at each stage of the device lifecycle to minimize its carbon footprint, and then, high-quality carbon credits will be applied to attain carbon neutrality. 

“To help tackle the increasing challenges posed by climate change, on the product side, Acer is proposing ‘conscious technology’ designed and made with consideration for the future,” said  Jerry Kao, COO, of Acer Inc. “On the corporate side, Acer has joined the RE100 initiative and committed to achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2035. We have also pledged to achieve  net-zero emissions by 2050.” 

Since the inception of the series, Aspire Vero laptops have been eco-consciously designed to minimize their carbon footprint throughout their lifecycle. From manufacturing to packaging to end-of-life recycling, each process has been examined and continuously fine-tuned to help contribute towards less emissions. The latest iteration of the product, the Aspire Vero  16 (AV16-51P) has seen efforts across: 

Color, Material and Finish: The chassis is made from a blend of more than 60% recycled plastic (vs. 30% in the first generation), and its surface contains no volatile organic compounds, paint, or additives. The touchpad uses ocean-bound plastic on the surface. 

Components: Features the latest Intel® CoreUltra processors which are more power efficient than previous generations. Intel AI Boost, the new integrated neural processing unit (NPU) delivers new AI-powered capabilities with extreme power efficiency. 

Packaging: Steps are taken to reduce the carbon footprint by recycling the scrap material generated during production and using 100% recyclable packaging. Thoughtful designs allow the 100% recycled FSC-certified paper box to be easily repurposed. 

Shipping: Acer has partnered with logistics providers to reduce standard sea containers’ emissions thanks to biofuel on various routes.

Usage: AcerSensebattery management software focuses on energy efficiency with four performance modes: Eco+, Eco, Balanced and Performance. 

Recycling and Repair: For quick and easy disassembling to repair, upgrade or recycle,  standard screws are used. 

After the implementation of these emission reduction efforts, Acer will retire high-quality carbon credits to achieve carbon neutrality.  

More details of the Acer Aspire Vero 16 will be shared in January in Las Vegas. Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region. To learn more about availability,  product specifications and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office via 

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