Sony And TSMC May Be Joining Forces To Ease Global Chip Shortage

The new chip plant in Japan is expected to cost $7 Billion.
Photo by Brian Kostiuk on Unsplash

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The global chip shortage has kept a lot of people from getting things from cars to gaming consoles and this unlikely partnership will be an effort to help ease the shortage.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world’s largest chip making company, is planning to build a plant in Japan’s Kumatomo Prefecture, on Sony owned land.

The project is said to cost US$7 billion from both Sony and TSMC. Half of which will be provided by the Japanese government.

TSMC confirmed in July that it was “actively reviewing” plans for the project, reported by Nikkei Asia.

Chips for cameras will be made in the new plant. Photo by James Feaver on Unsplash

When approached by the media, both Sony and TSMC kept a tight lip on the potential partnership.

Denso, a member of the Toyota Motor Group could also be interested in the project to get a stable chip supply for their auto parts.

Cars also need computer chips. Image by Yu Hai via Unsplash.

If all goes well, the new plant will help to alleviate some of the stress caused by the shortage and will ramp up the production of semiconductors, a major component in computer chips.

However the plant is projected to be operational in 2024.

Meanwhile, companies like IBM and Foxconn noted that chip shortages are likely to continue for a few more years.

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