Gamuda Land And Digital Nasional Berhad Collaborate To Propel Smart City Plans With 5G Innovation

Both parties under the MoU will engage in various activities aimed at fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, exploration of 5G possibilities and the expansion of 5G service coverage and infrastructure within Gamuda Land townships.
(Credit: Gamuda Land)

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In today’s dynamic digital era, the adoption of 5G technology is not just a choice, but a necessity. Recognising its pivotal role in enhancing connectivity for residents, visitors, and businesses, Gamuda Land has embarked on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB), a key driver towards the development of the 5G infrastructure in Malaysia. 

The collaboration sees both parties under the MoU committing to engage in various activities aimed at fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, exploration of 5G possibilities and the expansion of 5G service coverage and infrastructure within Gamuda Land townships – namely Gamuda Cove @ Kuala Langat, Gamuda Gardens @ Sungai Buloh North and twentyfive7 @ South of Kota Kemuning. 

A Town that Stands the Test of Time 

Jess Teng, Chief Operating Officer for Strategic Operations of Gamuda Land, expressed her enthusiasm on the collaboration, stating, “The essence of a smart city lies in its ability to  seamlessly connect diverse urban functions, ranging from traffic management and energy  systems to waste disposal. This integration of functions leverages data to enrich services,  elevate the quality of life, and promote environmental sustainability.” 

“As township developers, strategic infrastructure planning is paramount to ensure we future proof our townships. Recognising the critical role of 5G technology, our strategic partnership with DNB becomes a catalyst for realising our smart city vision. Together, we aspire to craft interconnected and innovative townships, harnessing the power of 5G to elevate the living experience for our residents,” added Teng. 

5G serves as a transformative force, not only expediting communication for Internet of Things (IoT) devices and improving the efficiency of smart home devices but also playing a pivotal role in bolstering safety and security. By deploying IoT devices like surveillance cameras, smart  street lighting, and emergency response systems, neighborhoods become safer, enhancing overall community well-being.  

Beyond safety, 5G’s potential spans various industries, supporting connectivity for essential  services such as healthcare, emergency services, and utilities, contributing to a resilient  infrastructure capable of withstanding disruptions. “Additionally, the integration of 5G connected smart grids will enhance energy efficiency in our townships, promising a significant  reduction in overall energy consumption for long-term sustainability,” said Teng. 

Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, Chief Strategy Officer of DNB said that the adoption of 5G by both  the public and enterprises in the country is gaining momentum. “As of end-December 2023, Malaysia has recorded 8.2 million 5G service subscriptions, representing an adoption rate of 24.7%. We are also thrilled to see that enterprises have begun to explore the  opportunities made possible by 5G. 

“5G is undeniably the key to the future of smart cities and townships. We look forward to  supporting Gamuda Land’s smart township aspirations.”

Gamuda Cove, envisioned as a nature sanctuary and smart city, has already achieved  milestones in sustainability with its five-diamond recognition at the Low Carbon City 2030  Challenge by the Environment and Water Ministry in collaboration with Malaysian Green  technology and Climate Change Centre. The partnership with DNB marks the next step in  realising the smart city vision. 

Tech-Driven Green Initiatives 

Harnessing 5G technology, Gamuda Land has developed a real-time dashboard to continuously monitor its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. As an integral component of the landmark Gamuda Green Plan, this dashboard is set to undergo substantial improvements harnessing the capabilities of 5G, providing immediate insights into carbon emissions offsets, advancements in sustainability and more. 

The Green Initiatives dashboard will be seamlessly integrated into Gamuda Land’s Experience Galleries, allowing potential homebuyers an immersive preview of the sustainable and vibrant  living experience that defines their townships. 

“With the integration of 5G, providing enhanced real-time data to our Green Initiatives  dashboard, we are setting new standards for transparency and accountability in the real estate  development industry. The inclusion of this dashboard in our experience gallery highlights our steadfast dedication to sustainable practices and community engagement, “remarked Teng.  

The MoU sets the stage for an era of innovation, collaboration, and progress in township  development, ensuring that residents, the public, and enterprises within Gamuda Land’s  projects benefit from cutting-edge 5G connectivity. 

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