Mersing Polytechnic Develops Award-Winning E-Filing System To Make Office Work Easier

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Researchers at the Mersing Polytechnic (PMJ) in Johor developed an award-winning Electronic Filing Monitoring System (eFMs) that apparently makes office work a whole lot easier.

An eFMs is essentially a system that organizes files and documents on a computer or an online network. Think of it as a digital library that makes it easier to catalog, store, access, and retrieve information and sensitive items within an organization.

According to the team at PMJ’s Information and Communications Technology Department, the eFMs user-friendly interface makes for a more systematic and efficient workplace by allowing users to monitor and keep track of important information.

The program, which began development in 2018, is also said to come with enhanced security features to protect against cyberattacks.

PMJ’s eFMs had been accredited with several national and international awards including four gold and two silver medals at the Bangkok International Intellectual Property, Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exposition (IPITEX 2020) and top prize at the National Startup Bootcamp and Competition 2019.

Reportedly, PMJ’s revolutionary system is in use at the Jasin Correctional Centre, Melaka.

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