Did You Encounter The 500 Internal Server Error Message While Browsing Recently? You’re Not Alone

The world just experienced a brief Internet outage as a result of Cloudflare service issues.
(credit: SoyaCincau)

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You might be wondering what happened just now while you were trying to access some sites. You might be thinking there’s something wrong with your Internet connection or your devices. This was because Cloudflare, one of the biggest Internet companies in the world, was having some issues.

Many users stated that big websites and services such as Discord, Crunchyroll, and Medium were unavailable, while Malaysians noted that local sites and services such as Foodpanda and Malay Mail were also unavailable. SoyaCincau reported that their office was still able to connect to the internet, but only through hotspots on specific cell networks.

At 2.43 p.m. Malaysian time, Cloudflare confirmed the problem, and at 2.57 p.m, they have identified the issue . At around 2.34 p.m., Cloudflare announced a catastrophic incident, which wiped out connection in Cloudflare’s network across numerous locations. If you receive a 500 error message, you’ve bumped into a Cloudflare site or service.

They’ve recently applied a solution for it and are currently monitoring the outcomes. Services may still be down for a while, but they should be back up and running soon.

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