Maxis Has Been Selected As Ranhill SAJ’s Service Provider

Maxis will use Cisco Meraki provided SD-WAN network connection to bolster Ranhill’s network abilities.
(credit: Maxis)

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Maxis has been selected by Ranhill SAJ Sdn Bhd (Ramhill), a subsidiary of Ranhill Utilities Berhad, to be their voice and cloud connectivity provider.

Maxis will be connecting all 77 of Ranhill’s sites across Johor including its headquarters and treatment plants through its Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network(SD-WAN).

The new system will have real-time data visibility which can be analysed to make better decisions, increase productivity, and efficiency of Ranhill’s 2,000 employees.

Paul McManus, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Maxis (credit: Maxis)

We are pleased to be selected by Ranhill as their connectivity, voice and cloud solutions provider.

Through our unique capabilities and experience, we are able to offer Ranhill a fully managed service portfolio from onboarding right up to 24/7 support with greater cost effectiveness and flexibility. 

As their partner, we want to ensure that their connectivity needs are met so that they can operate efficiently and have the peace of mind of being well prepared for their digital transformation journey and to Always Be Ahead in a changing world.

Paul McManus, Chief Enterprise Business Officer, Maxis.

Chief Executive Officer of Ranhill SAJ, Nor Ifuan Md Nor said the move to have Maxis as the company’s service provider will help them realise their vision of becoming a world-class utility company.

He also said connecting all the sites with Maxis’ network technology will better equip the company to serve the people of Johor with better water supply management and enhance the customer experience.

Simplification Though Automation

(Credit: Thomas Jensen/Unsplash).

The SD-WAN service runs on Cisco Meraki technology that simplifies tasks like configuration, management and maintenance, and enables enterprises to be more agile through automation and intelligence.

Ranhill will have access to a converged connectivity solution that is flexible, scalable, and cost effective.

SD-WAN will also enable end-to-end communications and implementations of security polices that will keep information and data secured across the network.

Cisco’s Vice President of Asia Pacific, Japan & China Partner Sales, Vicki Batka said Cisco will provide secured and optimised access to business critical resources to Ranhill through Maxis which could also enable secure and simple cloud connections to customers.

It Doesn’t End There

Maxis will also address Ranhill’s voice communication needs, especially in rural sites. With Maxis’ experience in service providing, the companies will grant customers in underserved areas better voice services.

What’s more, Maxis and Ranhill are looking into future initiatives involving Internet of Things (IoT), cloud services and cybersecurity which will be part of Ranhill next move to digitalise the organisation.

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