Aurelius Healthcare Comments On The 2022 National Budget

Datuk Amir Firdaus Abdullah says Aurelius Healthcare is committed towards a better healthcare for Malaysians.
Credit: Pixabay

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The new RM32.4 billion incentive allocated by the government for the National Budget 2022 to bolster the healthcare industry is lauded by Aurelius Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. (‘Aurelius’)

The battle against COVID-19 is far from over and Aurelius supports the Government’s move to increase allocations for the vaccination programme and improve healthcare facilities.

Credit: Aurelius Healthcare.

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, the government has also allocated RM11 million to subsidies mammograms and cervical cancer tests for women who are at higher risk.

Combatting the rising health issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity is something that the government is putting more emphasis as to ensure a healthier Malaysia in the future as well.

Aurelius, supports both initiatives by encouraging women to get early screenings to increase the chances of surviving the ailment and promises to continue to provide Malaysians with world-class healthcare solution that will enhance the quality of lives in the country.

The healthcare group also takes mental health seriously and will be providing essential support to mental health patients. It supports the government’s allocation of RM70 million to provide better mental health support in the country.

The company aspires to modernise and make healthcare more accessible, serving all patients across the country.

Aurelius recently acquired the Nilai Medical Centre (soon to be Aurelius Hospital Nilai) as a first step towards the goal of modernising and making healthcare more accessible. Aurelius have also made steady headway in the new Alor Setar facility which is currently under construction.

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