RM30 e-Tunai: Here’s What You Need To Know

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Do you want an extra RM30?

Starting 15 January, Malaysians aged 18 and above will receive RM30 into their e-wallet accounts. e-Tunai Rakyat was announced during Budget 2020 to encourage the use of e-wallets and digital payments among Malaysians.

This might be exciting news for Malaysians to get some extra e-money, but did you know that it comes with a few terms and conditions?

Well, here are a few things you need to know about e-Tunai:

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Who gets e-Tunai?

E-Tunai is for Malaysian citizens aged 18 and above with an annual income of less than RM100,000. The eligibility is validated by Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) and the Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

Who are the e-wallet providers? 

Currently, only Touch n Go eWallet, Grab and Boost are the participating platforms where you can redeem the RM30 and once you’ve registered, the money will be available to use on your preferred platform.

To download your app of choice, you can do that by visiting the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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What e-Tunai can be used for

1. To pay for stuff

Upon registering, the RM30 credited into your e-wallet can be used to purchase products or services offered within your preferred app. For example, if you’re using Grab, you can use e-Tunai to pay for Grab Food or to pay for your ride.

You can also use e-Tunai in brick and mortar stores that allow payments via e-wallet for goods or services depending on your provider and their merchants.

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2. Earn loyalty points

E-wallet options have some sort of customer loyalty programme where you can collect points and redeem. Depending on your e-wallet, if you buy stuff with the RM30, you are able to collect points from it.

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Picture Credit: Grab

The downside of e-Tunai

1. Limited time only

The caveat is that you have to do it by 14 March. The amount will expire after that date even if you haven’t used the full amount.

2. You can’t redeem it twice

If you’ve already redeemed e-Tunai on one app, you can’t do it on another platform as the RM30 is to encourage the use of e-wallets. In case you’re worried, you don’t need to use up the RM30 in one single transaction.

3. You can’t transfer the RM30

Do keep in mind that you can’t withdraw or cash out the money as it is a temporary initiative.

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Now that you know these things about e-Tunai, check out how you can maximise it on Grab and Boost (Here and Here).

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