Elon Musk: Pay Up If You Want To Keep Your Blue Tick Badge On Twitter

Users will have to pay USD20 per month if they want to keep their verified status.
(credit: Wikipedia/ Twitter)

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The richest man in the world has taken control of Twitter and has started making some significant changes. On his first day of work, he removed a few top executives and plans to remove user permanent bans. Right now, Musk is ready to change Twitter yet again.

The Verge reported that Musk wants to charge money for verification and employees were told they have to get this feature out by 7 November or they can pack up their things and leave.

Currently, you don’t have to pay to get the coveted blue tick mark on Twitter. According to Twitter’s FAQ, to get the badge, your account must be: Authentic, Noble, and Active.

(credit: Twitter)
(credit: Twitter)
(credit: Twitter)

What Musk is planning to do is increase the price of the optional Twitter Blue monthly subscription from USD4.99 (RM23.60) to USD19.99 (RM94.60) that includes verification. Verified users have 90 days to pay up or lose the badge if they don’t.

Twitter Blue is currently only available in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The monthly subscription feature has exclusive benefits such as reading ad-free articles, the ability to undo and edit your tweets after posting them, custom app icons, themes and etc. But, verification is not part of it.

Since Twitter Blue is only available in four countries, what happened to the verified users from other parts of the world? We guess these verified users will remain free for now, as they have no way of paying for a monthly subscription.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Musk commands his employees to implement Twitter Blue worldwide in the near future.

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