FMC Music Claimed They Were Hacked, Lofi Girl Incident Is Not Their Fault

The local company asserted that because they are a Malaysian business with no interests outside this country, they could not have done so.
(credit: Lofi Girl/Youtube)

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Previously, we reported that Lofi Girl Youtube channel was issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) notice by a local record label, FMC Music and the channel was taken down.

Following the discovery that the claim was unfounded, Youtube later reinstated the channel.

Immediately after the incident, FMC Music stepped forward and issued their side of the story. In a report by BuzzKini, FMC claimed their e-mail account was hacked.

A representative of FMC Music informed BuzzKini that the issue was discovered too late as their company had just returned to operations due to the Hari Raya Haji holiday.

Upon returning home around 10pm, we tried to log into FMC Music’s e-mail account, but unfortunately, the attempt to log in failed because the e-mail password had been changed.

After researching a few things, we found out that Lofi Girl has made a tweet on Twitter stating that FMC Music has taken over the copyright of the song on Lofi Hiphop Radio video.

FMC Music

This copyright strike came as a shock to the company as they were only involved in producing and marketing songs for the local market.

We were surprised because how is it possible that FMC Music which is only involved with songs in the local market, can claim and take over the copyright of songs outside of Malaysia. It is impossible. FMC Music has made a report to YouTube and clarified that there is no action on the part of FMC Music who wants to take over the copyright from Lofi Girl.

In addition, we also stated that FMC Music’s account has also been hacked, the password has been changed, and even the company’s status in FMC’s Google Business Profile has been changed.

FMC Music

Around 3pm on 12 July Tuesday, Youtube confirmed that FMC Music account was indeed hijacked .

(credit: FMC Music/BuzzKini)

Subsequently, FMC Music has made a police report to explained that FMC Music was in no way involved in the issue of copyright acquisition from Lofi Girl. They also revealed that they are waiting for the results of the investigation from YouTube and hope that the issue can be resolved properly.

Today we lodged a police report to explain that FMC Music was not involved at all in the matter involving the takeover of the copyright from Lofi Girl. We are currently awaiting a response from the YouTube Support Team. I hope things get resolved soon. We also apologise to Lofi Girl for this confusion and problem. Hopefully, the perpetrators of this crime will be known soon.

FMC Music
(credit: FMC Music/BuzzKini)

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