Lofi Girl is Back: How A Bogus Malaysian Copyright Claim Failed To Take Down A Beloved YouTube Account

FMC Music, the Malaysian record label that issued the DMCA claim against Lofi Girl, blames hackers for the fiasco.

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After being taken down for 48 hours, the Lofi Girl radio live streams are back on YouTube providing background music for students to study to, ambiance to those who work from home, and just chill-out vibes to anyone who needs it.

So what happened?

It all started two days ago with a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) claim by FMC Music (a Malaysian record label). 

Upon receiving the copyright takedown notice, YouTube reflexively gave Lofi Girl, a French record company, a copyright strike and took down their two streaming channels. 

However, Lofi Girl is a popular non-stop music live stream channel and its fans got together to get YouTube’s attention. Malaysian fans on Reddit even started a campaign to “make some noise” on FMC Music’s social channels, complete with hashtags. 

It took two days for YouTube to say that “the takedown requests were abusive” and to resolve the issue. A luxury that less popular channels may not have. 

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported that FMC Music blamed hackers for the DMCA claim. A representative of the company said that the takedown claim was made while no one was at the office over the long Eid Al Adha weekend and they only found out about it after everyone came back from the holidays.

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