Sony’s Horizon TV Adaptation Title, Story, & Talent Revealed

Horizon 2074 will have two timelines and one of them is set before the fall.
(credit: Sony)

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A project post on the Directors Guild of Canada Ontario’s website shows an initial list of crew members that will be working on the highly anticipated TV show based on Sony’s multi-award-winning Horizon video game series. 

Originally discovered by a journalist, Jeff Grubb, the list of talents set to be attached to the Horizon TV show includes Adam Bocknek (The Boys, Resident Evil – Reboot, Star Trek Discovery) as 2nd assistant director, Jack Boem (The Boys, Resident Evil – Reboot, What We Do In The Shadows) as 1st assistant director, and Michele Brady (Locke & Key, The Expanse, Hannibal) as Air Director, among others. 

The list also hints that the production of the Horizon TV show will be done in Toronto, Canada. Sadly, the list doesn’t include the list of actors and actresses that would be in the show. 

Aloy, the protagonist of the Horizon video game series. (credit: Sony)

In his Twitter post, Grubb also said that the title for the show is Horizon 2074. 

During an interview with Giant Bomb, he added that Horizon 2074 will be set in two timelines, one before the catastrophic event that led to the end of the world and another parallel to the game.

News of a TV show based on the Horizon series first surfaced in May this year. You can read all about it and the other video game to TV adaptations that were announced at the same time, here.

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