Huawei’s online IT fair is a dream come true for sale-loving Malaysians

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We’re getting a headache with US and China’s Ross & Rachel-type relationship, but the good news is that US has allowed its companies to sell their equipment to Huawei again.


The drama has certainly affected the Chinese tech company’s sales, but they’re not going away without a fight, guys.

To bring Malaysians back into their loving arms, Huawei is employing a powerful technique that no true Malaysian can resist.


That’s right! Every Malaysian LOVES a good deal and Huawei is giving us just that with their online IT fair loaded full of deals, discounts and prizes.

Since we’re always on the lookout for a good deal too (no joke, we’re secretly aunties inside), we’ve summarised the best offers of the sale:

Free additional 1-year warranty

Buy a phone, 2 years warranty. Settle.

Picture Credit: Make A Meme

Yep, instead of the usual 1-year Huawei warranty, you get another year of protection on selected gadgets including the P30 series, Mate20 series and Nova4 series.

Ridiculous discounts on phones

Picture Credit: My Favourite Daily Things

Mate20 Pro is RM2599, P30 Pro is RM3399, nova 4 is RM1699..
Those prices aren’t bad wei!

Daily flash deals on gadgets

Besides the phone discounts, the Huawei gadgets are also on
sale in special daily deals.

So if you’re looking for a new laptop or smartwatch, keep an eye out on the day of the deal and get it!

Original Image via Vulture

Free gifts & prizes

No need to ask, “Got free gift ah?” because got lah.

Stuff being given away with purchases include wireless
charging case, smartwatch, Bluetooth earphones and backpacks.

Original Image via Fandom

There’s also a RM20 voucher you can get just by clicking on
it and a wheel of fortune filled with goodies including a RM1,000 voucher!

Original Image via Sam Acoi/YouTube

Note: Various attempts by the writer to score the voucher has failed, but SHE.WILL.PRESERVERE.

FYI the Huawei online IT fair is on their online official store (HERE). You also have only a week to go on a shopping spree as the fair ends on the 8th of July.

Goodbye, budget. Hello, new phone!


Ps: This isn’t a sponsored post, we just really really love a sale

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