Which Telco Has The Cheapest 100Mbps Plan? We Compared Prices From Malaysia’s Top Internet Providers

You have plenty of options to choose from, but which one is the best?
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Having an internet connection is a no-brainer in today’s age of connected living with smartphones and other devices occupying a huge chunk of our daily lives.

For most people, having a 100Mbps internet connection is more than enough if you’re just using the net to browse the web, watch a few movies, play video games and not doing data-heavy stuff like 4K live streaming or live with more than 3 people.

With many telcos offering the same 100Mbps plan, which one fits the best for you? Here is the list of telcos that offer 100Mbps plans:

*Do note that their promotions might change from time to time.


We’ll start with CelcomDigi which offers a 100Mbps plan for RM90 if you’re already an existing postpaid customer. With the plan, you’ll get rebates, a WiFi 6 router and unlimited calls to all telcos. You can also add on a Samsung 4K smart TV.

If you’re a new customer, the plan will be RM130 per month but for the first six months, you will get a RM40 discount which means you’ll only have to pay RM90. You’ll also get a WiFi 6 router and add on a Samsung 4K Smart TV if you want to.

For more info about the plan, you can click this link here. You can also check whether your place is covered by clicking here.

Credit: CelcomDigi


Next up is TIME, which also has a 100Mbps plan and it starts at RM99 per month. Although it doesn’t have unlimited calls or a WiFi 6 router like the CelcomDigi plan, but at least you don’t have to pay for the first month because that’s on the house.

Another thing worth noting is that TIME is more focused on high-rises so if you’re living in a landed property, chances are, the service might not be available to you.

Credit: Time


Up next is Unifi from TM. They actually have two plans, depending on whether you want to subscribe to their Ultimate Pack which has like 70+ channels or not.

If you’re interested in that, you’ll have access to Disney+ Hotstar, BBC Player, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, SPOTV NOW, Lionsgate Play, SIAR and Unifi TV app, but it’ll cost you RM189 per month.

There’s also the RM159 plan which doesn’t have the Ultimate Pack, but you have to pick either the Unifi TV Aneka Plus Pack or the Varnam Plus Pack or the Ruby Plus Pack.

Regardless of which plan you take, you’ll get 600 minutes of talk time to all mobile and fixed lines nationwide for free. You’ll also get the Unifi Plus Box in both plans as well.

Credit: Unifi


Malaysia’s largest mobile network operator, Maxis also has a 100Mbps plan for RM129. If you take that option, you’ll get a WiFi 6 router and unlimited home and mobile data for everyone in the family by adding any Maxis Postpaid plan.

You can also add an Apple iPad (for RM57 a month) or Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 (RM12 a month) as part of their Zerolution bundle but you’ll have to pay for 36 months. If you’re interested in opting for the 24-month plan, the iPad will cost you RM84 a month while the Tab A will cost you RM21 a month.

Credit: Maxis


Television broadcast company, Astro also has its own 100Mbps fibre option that costs RM129 per month. For this plan, you’ll get a WIFI 6 router and you don’t have to pay for the first month.

Additionally, you can opt for their TV bundle packs and you can pick either the Sports Pack for RM99.99 a month, the Movies Pack for RM94.99 a month, or the Premium Pack for RM129.99 a month.

Credit: Astro

U Mobile

Last up is U Mobile, which offers 100Mbps plan for RM129, offering upload and download speeds of 100Mbps with unlimited quota.

Credit: U Mobile

What ARe you looking For in Your Internet Plan?

Picking on which telco to jump on should be based on your preferences and also availability, but if you’re looking at just the price point alone, CelcomDigi’s current plan is the cheapest, followed by TIME, Maxis, Astro Fibre, U Mobile and Unifi.

But you should note that it’s only for 6 months and after that, you’ll have to pay RM130 a month, which is roughly the same as what the competitors are offering, except for TIME and Unifi.

Although TIME seems like the next best option, do take note of their coverage because their services tend to cater more towards high rises than landed homes.

It also depends on whether or not you need the perks such as TV bundles. If you’re into that, you might want to take a look at offerings from Astro and Unifi but it will mean that you have to pay extra every month.

Ultimately, it’s up to your needs and also whether or not your area is covered. Also, do note that all of these plans come with a 2-year contract so you might need to review the finer details from each telco if you’re planning to terminate the line in the future before the period is up.

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