HP Launches A Slew Of AI-Enhanced Laptops In Malaysia

The laptops start from RM4,299 and it’s available for purchase now.
(credit: HP Malaysia)

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HP has just launched an extensive portfolio of AI-enhanced laptops aimed at boosting productivity, creativity, and user experience in hybrid work settings.

The new lineup emphasises AI integration, recycled materials, and innovative performance enhancements to support diverse user needs in various work environments. Key highlights include:

HP Elite 1000 Series G11: Noted as the world’s most powerful AI business PCs, these laptops offer up to 21 hours of battery life, 80% better graphics, and enhanced video editing capabilities. They incorporate significant amounts of recycled materials and feature AI-driven power management for quieter operation and energy efficiency.

(credit: HP)

HP EliteBook Series: The 800/805 and 600/605 Series G11 are designed for enterprise and corporate use, offering AI-driven productivity and collaboration features with significant recycled content in their design.

(credit: HP)

HP ProBook 400/405 Series G11: Built for hybrid workers, these devices feature AI-powered workflows, upgradeable storage, and a high percentage of recycled materials.

(credit: HP)

HP Pavilion Plus, Envy x360, and Spectre x360 Series: These models cater to Gen Z and users needing flexibility between work and play, offering premium experiences and enhanced mobility with AI capabilities.

(credit: HP)

HP ZBook Mobile Workstations: This range, including the ZBook Power, Fury, Studio, and Firefly G11 models, targets professionals needing high-performance computing for tasks like 3D modeling, content creation, and AI development, featuring powerful CPUs and GPUs for demanding workflows.

(credit: HP)

Pricing and Availability

    All these laptops are available for purchase over at HP official website.

    • HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Starting at RM8,499.
    • HP EliteBook 800 and 805 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Starting at RM5,999.
    • HP EliteBook 600 and 605 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Starting at RM4,699.
    • HP ProBook 400 and 405 Series G11 Notebook PCs: Starting at RM4,399.
    • HP Pavilion Plus PCs: MTL CPU model starting at RM4,299.
    • HP Envy x360 PCs: MTL CPU model starting at RM4,399.
    • HP Spectre x360 14 inch 2-in-1 Laptop PC: MTL CPU model starting at RM7,699.
    • OMEN Transcend 14-inch Gaming Laptop PC: MTL CPU model starting at RM7,999.
    • OMEN 16.1-inch Gaming Laptop PC: 4th gen HX starting at RM7,399.

    Additionally, the following HP ZBook models are expected to be available within the year:

      • HP ZBook Power G11
      • HP ZBook Fury G11
      • HP ZBook Studio G11
      • HP ZBook Firefly G11

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