YouTube Is Making It Harder To Block Ads Using Ad Blockers

YouTube will be injecting ads into videos from the server-side, making it difficult to bypass it using ad blockers.
(credit: TechTRP)

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YouTube has been waging war against ad blockers since last year in an effort to get more users to subscribe to YouTube Premium if they want an ad-free experience.

Users unwilling to subscribe to Premium are prevented from watching videos unless they disable their ad blocker or subscribe. However, this has not deterred the community from uniting in search of a method to circumvent the advertisements.

Now, the video sharing site giant is about to take things further with a new method of making sure that users can’t easily bypass advertisements in any videos.

According to Sponsorblock, a popular browser extension to skip ads and sponsored segments, revealed on X (formerly Twitter) that “YouTube is currently experimenting with server-side ad injection.”

According to 9to5Google, currently, ads are integrated into the video streaming to your device, rather than being delivered separately to the desktop web or mobile client. This integration allows ad blockers to intercept and prevent the ads from showing.

In the future, ads should be seamlessly blended with the video content, making it difficult for ad blockers to identify and block them.

The report indicates that the new method is currently in the trial phase and has not been broadly implemented; however, some users are already encountering issues with it.

Will this new method effectively kill all ad blockers out there? We think that the community will band together and try to find ways to bypass it again, turning this into a cat-and-mouse game.

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