CelcomDigi Launched New 5G Postpaid Plans, But There’s A Catch

All the postpaid plans have a 5G speed cap, except for the priciest plan.
(credit: CelcomDigi)

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CelcomDigi officially introduced its latest 5G postpaid plans, available for subscription starting today. These plans, operating under the unified CelcomDigi brand, offer new users the flexibility to subscribe through either of the two brands.

While providing access to both 4G and 5G networks, all plans, excluding the top-tier option, will impose a speed cap on 5G connectivity.

(credit: CelcomDigi)

The Postpaid 5G 80 (RM80 per month) and 5G 100 (RM100 per month) plans come with data quota of 90GB and 150GB, respectively.

In contrast, the remaining plans—Postpaid 5G 120 (RM120), 5G 140 (RM140), 5G 160 (RM160), and 5G 260 (RM260)—will not have any data cap restrictions. The 5G 260 plan is the only plan with uncapped 5G speed.

All plans feature unlimited calls, a monthly RM10 rebate for existing users committing to a 24-month contract, and a complimentary 300Mbps home fibre plan for six months (permanently available for Postpaid 5G 260).

For additional convenience, users can choose up to five extra family lines with plans starting at RM40 a month, accompanied by an RM10 rebate for the initial six months.

For more information about the new postpaid plans, you can head over to CelcomDigi’s site.

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