Twitter Will Have A New CEO: Elon Musk Announces Replacement To Take Over “In Six Weeks”

Musk didn’t say who, but she will start in six weeks.
(credit: TechTRP)

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In December 2022, Elon Musk posted a poll on Twitter, asking the users whether he should resign as Twitter’s CEO and majority of the users voted Yes. He said he will follow the decision of the majority and today, he finally gave people what they wanted.

Musk just tweeted this morning the he has hired a new CEO for Twitter and he will transition to being an executive chairman and chief technological officer.

He didn’t say who will be the new CEO, and he only said “she will be starting in six weeks”. According to The Washington Post‘s source, Musk is engaged in serious discussions with Linda Yaccarino, the Chairman of Global Advertising and Partnerships at NBC Universal, about assuming the role.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Yaccarino is in talks with Musk to become the new Twitter’s CEO.

(credit: Linda Yaccarino’s Linkedin)

According to her online biography for the network, Yaccarino manages approximately 2,000 employees in her position, which is similar in size or slightly larger than Twitter’s workforce. At NBC, she is responsible for directing the monetisation strategy for Peacock, the network’s streaming service. Additionally, her team has achieved over USD100 billion (approx. RM447.5 billion) in advertising sales and has formed partnerships with various companies, including Apple, Snapchat, Buzzfeed, Twitter, and YouTube.

Speculations arose regarding whether Musk would select a technology expert with a specialization in engineering or someone inclined towards ambitious projects like artificial intelligence, or alternatively, opt for a conventional business executive capable of representing the company publicly and regaining advertisers’ trust and users’ confidence.

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