Nvidia GeForce Now Is Available For Everyone, Yes Customers Get Additional Discounts

Only two plans are available for now, annually and monthly, but both offer the same thing.
(credit: Nvidia)

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After being in an exclusive beta for Yes customers for almost a month, the game streaming service created by the famous green graphics card company is finally available for everyone to enjoy.

There are two plans to choose from: Monthly and Annually. Both plans offer the same thing, you can play games with ray-tracing and DLSS, can play for six hours without stop per session and enjoy high priority access to the service.

For Yes customers, they are paying RM20 less for the monthly plan and RM200 less for the annual plan. They only have to pay RM300 annually or RM25 per month. For monthly subscription, it’s only RM30.

(credit: Nvidia)

For non-Yes customers, an annual plan costs RM500 or RM41.66 per month and a monthly plan costs RM50.

(credit: Nvidia)

You can only pay for the plan using a Credit or Debit card. No online banking or any other payment methods are accepted.

Take note that this is not the Netflix of video games or something like Xbox/PC Game Pass. For GeForce Now, players need to connect to digital PC game stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, and EA and they can only stream the games they already own. Players can stream games on their Mac, PC, TV, mobile devices and Chromebook.

For more information about the recommended internet speed and devices, you can go HERE. If you are interested in giving it a shot, you can head over to Nvidia’s GeForce Now page to sign up.

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