YouTube Is Testing Premium 1080p Quality And Adding Podcasts To YouTube Music

The premium 1080p has a higher bitrate and podcasts are coming in the ‘near future’.
(credit: Image by ijeab on Freepik)

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Whatever videos you uploaded to YouTube, the giant online video sharing site will apply its own compression to the videos, to lower file sizes and make it easier to stream. So, even if you upload a 1080p video with high bitrate, the end result will still look blurry and lower quality.

So, whenever available, viewers who want to watch the best quality videos usually choose 4K resolution, even on a 1080p monitor, because it has a higher bitrate than the 1080p resolution. However, it appears that viewers who subscribe to YouTube Premium will have a better viewing experience with 1080p in the future.

A Reddit user, u/KZedUK spotted a new 1080p stream option dubbed ‘1080p Premium’ and it has ‘Enhanced bitrate’.

(credit: u/KZedUK)

This 1080p Premium will undoubtedly look much better than the regular, free 1080p option. This Is Tech Today predicts that the new 1080p ‘Enhanced bitrate’ option may satisfy viewers’ desire for higher-quality videos, which they typically do so by switching to a 1440p or 2160p (4K) option when those resolutions are offered. He also said this new option could reduce YouTube’s operating expenses.

Other than that, according to The Verge, YouTube’s head of podcasting, Kai Chuk said they are planning to add podcasts to YouTube Music ‘in the near future’.

According to Chuk, YouTube Music will provide ‘enhanced library tools’, allow free, ad-supported background listening to podcasts and a podcast badge to distinguish audio-first shows.

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