GeForce Now Is Officially Available In Malaysia And Yes Customers Get To Play It First

Yes customers can subscribe to GeForce Now for free until next 10 April.
(credit: NVIDIA)

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GeForce Now is a cloud gaming service provided by NVIDIA that allows gamers to play PC games on their devices without the need for high-end PC hardware. It’s not similar to Microsoft’s Xbox/PC Game Pass where you only have to pay a monthly fee to play all the games that are available, like Netflix but for games.

For GeForce Now, players need connect to digital PC game stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, and EA and they can only stream the games they already own. Players can stream games on their Mac, PC, TV, mobile devices and Chromebook.

The games streaming service was launched in February 2020 and after more than two years, it has finally arrived on our shores.

NVIDIA has partnered with Yes to offer GeForce Now for Malaysia’s gamers. For now, Yes customers will get to try the streaming service for free until 10 April 2023.

(credit: GeForce Now)

For now, there’s only one plan and it allows you to play games with ray-tracing and DLSS, can play for six hours without stop per session and enjoy high priority access to the service.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Choose a plan (only one option for now)
  • Download GeForce Now client or launch GeForce Now in a supported browser (Chrome or Edge).
  • Connect GeForce Now to your favourite digital game stores and stream the library of games you own and voila! You can start gaming.

According to the FAQ, at the moment, only Yes customers can enjoy GeForce Now. The FAQ stated:

During our Exclusive Beta period (16th March – 10th April) only Yes customers will be entitled to play on this.

Judging by that, non-Yes customers will be able to use GeForce Now as well after the specified date.

Here are the recommended internet speed to use GeForce Now:

  • Minimum 15Mbps for 720p at 60 FPS
  • 25Mbps for 1080p at 60 FPS
  • 35Mbps for 2560×1440/ 2560×1600/ 3840×1800 at 120 FPS

Your devices must be running these spec to start playing:

  • Mac OS: Your MacOS must be 10.11 or higher. ​
  • Windows PC: A 64-bit version of Windows 7, or newer, is required. We recommend using the latest version of Windows 10 Anniversary update. We do not support 32-bit versions of Windows.​
  • Chrome OS: GeForce Now works with most Chromebooks with 4GB of RAM or more. ​
  • Browser: Chrome browser 77.x or later for MacOS, Windows, or Chrome OS. Edge Browser 91.xx or later for Windows.​
  • Android: An Android phone, or tablet, with 1GB of available memory, Android 5.0 (L) or later, and OpenGL ES2.0 support or higher. ​
  • iOS Safari: An iPhone with iOS 14.3 or later. An iPad with iPadOS 14.3 or later.​
  • Android TV: An Android TV Android 5.0 (L) or later, and OpenGL ES2.0 support or higher. Chromecast with Google TV, 2021.​
  • Smart TV: Select 2021/2022 LG TVs with the latest webOS firmware and LG TV browser updates.

If you want to know more in detail about the hardware requirement, you can head over to GeForce Now’s FAQ. Neither NVIDIA nor Yes provide any details about plan pricing or other plan options. NVIDIA also didn’t say what GPU are they using for the free beta plan.

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