Opensignal: CelcomDigi Takes Top Spot In Overall 4G And 5G Mobile Network Experience

Celcom has the fastest 4G download speed, but for 5G, Digi takes the no.1 spot.
(credit: Opensignal)

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Recently, Opensignal published a new report concerning the quality of mobile network experience in Malaysia from 1 December 2022 to 28 February 2023. Opensignal is an independent analytics company specialising in “quantifying the mobile-network experience”.

As per the March 2023 report, CelcomDigi emerged as the victor in almost all categories, with Celcom specifically being recognized as the top performer in overall gaming, video, download, upload, and 4G coverage experience.

(credit: Opensignal)

Celcom has emerged victorious in the Download Speed Experience category, scoring 26.3Mbps, which is 0.4Mbps higher than Maxis, who secured the second position. Although all mobile network operators in Malaysia experienced improvements in their scores since the last report, Celcom registered the largest increase, a remarkable 15.2Mbps (136%), which enabled it to clinch the first position. Additionally, Celcom has also secured the top position in the Upload Speed Experience category, with a score of 8.2Mbps. Celcom users witnessed the highest increase in average upload speed, with a gain of 3.6Mbps (76.2%).

For 5G, Digi has emerged as the winner, securing the top position for all categories. Digi has also been recognised as the leader in 5G video experience, 5G gaming experience, and 5G voice app experience.

(credit: Opensignal)

Digi has set a new record in the 5G Download Speed category, achieving an incredibly high score of 440.7Mbps, which is 62.6Mbps faster than Unifi, who secured the second position with an impressive score of 378.1Mbps. Digi has also tied with U Mobile and Celcom for the 5G Upload Speed award, with all three operators having statistically similar scores of 42.8-44.3Mbps. Furthermore, the improvement in speed that 5G networks offer is truly remarkable, as Digi users experience an average download speed that is 18.7 times faster when connected to 5G networks as compared to their overall download speeds.

Besides that, U Mobile, Unifi, and Yes have each secured two awards. Yes has been recognized as the winner for both availability awards, Unifi has maintained its top position for Core Consistent Quality, and has tied with Digi for Excellent Consistent Quality. On the other hand, U Mobile shares the top position for two of the new 5G awards with other Digi.

Maxis remains the only major telco without 5G, and they only took the top spot for Video Experience.

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