Twitter Is Getting A Bunch Of New Features; Long Form Tweets Are Coming Next Month

Twitter is adding simple formatting feature, UI tweaks, advanced search function, and more.
(credit: Twitter/ Wikipedia)

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Ever since Elon Musk bought and took over Twitter, the second richest man on earth (at the time of writing) has been implementing a lot of changes at the social media platform. Some of the changes are controversial while some are good addition like the long form tweets that he was planning since last year. Just a couple of days ago, Musk tweeted that there will be more changes and features coming soon.

Advanced Search Filters

First of all, Twitter is implementing an advanced search filters on iOS according to social media analyst, Matt Navara.

By using filters based on date, user, retweet count, hashtags, and other variables, the feature makes it simpler to find the tweets you’re looking for.

UI Tweaks, Bookmark Button, and Long Form Tweets

Next up, Musk tweeted a new feature where users can easily swipe left and right to move between recommended or followed tweets, and it’s coming later this week.

Twitter is also overhauling its user interface (UI), a new bookmark button, and the ability to write a 4,000 characters tweet instead of the current 280 coming next month.

Instead of displaying the long form tweets in their entirety, these tweets will be displayed the same as any other tweets, but there will be an option to click to read more.

Formatting Tools To Help Users Write Easier

Last but not least, Twitter is also implementing simple formatting features such as bold, underline, and font size in Q1 2023.

The reason for adding simple formatting features is to allow users to write their long-form tweets within Twitter instead of using another website to write and then publish on Twitter.

It’s unclear whether all of these new features will be accessible to users generally or whether some features will only be available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

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