Xiaomi Showcased A Robot That Cost More Than RM394,000

The CyberOne is not ready for mass production and it is only a prototype.
(credit: Xiaomi)

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The first humanoid robot that made an appearance on the global stage was ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), which was created by Honda in 2000. Ever since then, the world has witnessed some truly incredible robots. For example, the Atlas, created by Boston Dynamics, can walk much faster, jump, navigate a simple obstacle course, and can even do a backflip (I can’t even do that)!

In an article by Engadget, Xiaomi has decided to join the game and unveiled a humanoid robot of their own, known as CyberOne.

The CyberOne has a height of 177cm, weighs 52kg, was given the nickname “Metal Bro” and is a Leo (Yes. The robot even has its own horoscope sign).

The robot features a face made of a curved OLED display, can hear with two microphones, can see in three dimensions, and can recognise 45 different emotions from voice expressions in people.

It has 13 joints to give its body a total of 21 degrees of mobility. Its legs are propelled by actuators with a maximum force rating of up to 300Nm, while its upper limb actuators can move with a precision of up to 1Nm for a delicate touch.

Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, said for the time being, each CyberOne would cost between 600,000 (more than RM394,000) and 700,000 yuan (more than RM460,000). So, if ever, it will be some time before his company finds it suitable for mass manufacturing.

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