Sarawak Needs Digital Transformation To Ensure Long-Term Prosperity, More Smart Towers Coming Soon

To change the Borneo state into a location where people will work, flourish, and invest, Sarawak needs digital transformation.
(credit: Malay Mail)

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Sarawak is a beautiful state with amazing biodiversity, beaches, and inhabitants from a wide variety of cultures. However, compared to West Malaysia, they are deficient in a number of areas, which is why they required digital transformation to develop into a rich state.

According to Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg, a digital transformation is essential to Sarawak’s goal of achieving economic success, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability by 2030.

Accordingly, the Sarawak Premier stated that the state government had implemented a number of steps to support its vision for the digital economy.

He claimed that these included the Sarawak Linking Urban, Rural and Nation (Saluran) project, which aims to connect underserved people in the state’s rural and remote areas.

The construction of 600 communication towers is part of this initiative, carried out under the Sarawak Multimedia Authority rural telecommunication (Smart) project.

Sarawak Premier, Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg

He stated that the Sarawak Rural Broadband Network (MySRBN) services and mobility are anticipated to finish in 2023.

The Sarawak Premier also added that 158 locations in Sarawak had MySRBN installed, offering fixed wireless internet services to isolated households and communities and he said in the upcoming years, MySRBN will be expanded across all 600 Smart towers to accommodate an additional 100,000 rural houses.

He added that by putting in place critical infrastructure and ensuring cybercrime resistance, engineers played a crucial technological role in realising the state’s aims.

The difficulties of creating sustainable communities, combating the effects of climate change, and promoting responsible consumerism, he said, require future engineers to be ready for an increasingly digital future.

Embracing the digital transformation will ensure that engineers can tackle these highly complex global challenges to secure our ideals.

Sarawak Premier, Tan Sri Abang Johari Tun Openg

Sarawak is currently looking for technical experts and digital scientists to help transform the state. Head over here to read more about it.

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