Netflix Now Lets You Tell Them That You Love A Show With Two Thumbs Up

The new feature is being rolled out on smart TVs, web, Android, and iOS.

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Netflix announced that it has added a Double Thumbs Up option to their user ratings. It’s a creative addition to the established “like” and “dislike” rating system used by almost everything on the internet. 

By giving a show or a movie a Double Thumbs Up, you’re telling Netflix that you Love It. And it’ll improve their recommendations. 

This move also effectively turns the Thumbs Up button into a polite ‘meh” option for when you don’t really hate a show but you don’t want to be so harsh as to say you dislike it. 

According to Netflix, the new feature is now available on smart TVs and web as well as Android and iOS devices. In our testing, We’ve only seen the Two Thumbs Up on Android despite the updates available for iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS.

If you have the feature, you should see it as a third option in the “ratings” of the show or movie you’re watching.

No idea if we should go back and give two thumbs up to the shows and movies we’ve watch previously though. But you could.

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