Line Goes Up – A Masterclass In NFT & Its Issues [Recommendation]

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Non-Fungible Tokens, Cryptocurrency, and the Blockchain surfaced in the global consciousness in the past couple of years as an easy way to make money from nothing. And yet, few people understand what it is.

It’s not difficult to understand why people swear by it and companies embrace it, it’s a zero-cost gamble to hit the jackpot. But is it really?

In this Folding Ideas video, Dan Olson, masterfully articulates why people have issues with this new money-making fad.

It’s more than two hours long, has a preface and 14 chapters, and yet it is concise. Currently, it has almost 7 million views.

As one commentator put it so succinctly:

Here’s the video. If you want to start your journey into the NFT rabbit hole, this is a good place to start. Take a gander at his supporters and detractors, and form your own opinions.

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