The Samsung SmartTag+ Is Here And It Is Different

Attach this to your most often lost items and never lose them again.

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The new improved Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ has arrived on our shores and it does more than help you find your lost keys.

Packed in the unassuming plastic square are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) technology.

When it is near

Using a smartphone with UWB, like a Galaxy S21 with the SmartThings app, you can pinpoint the location of a SmartTag+, and the object it is attached to, with greater accuracy through augmented reality (AR).

If you still can’t spot the SmartTag+ even though your phone says it is close, you can make it ring to get your attention.

When it is far

At longer distances, the SmartTag+ uses BLE and Samsung’s Galaxy device network, to tell you approximately where it is.

Your friends and family members can also get to be a part of the search party if the item is really lost. SmartThings Find users can choose to opt-in via the SmartThings app and enable their Galaxy smartphone or tablet to help others find their own lost tags or devices.

With the built-in loop, the SmartTag+ can be attached to keys, bags, coats, or any items that have the tendency to get loose or leave behind.

The button makes a difference

A feature that sets the Galaxy SmartTag+ and SmartTag apart is that it has a programmable button. You can make it do a lot of things.

For example, if you got your home all set up, and forgot to turn off a light, you can set the button on your Galaxy SmartTag+ and SmartTag to turn off all the lights. Or turn it back on when you come home.

Save if you buy one now

Intrigued? If you purchase the Galaxy SmartTag+ and SmartTag before the end of June, you can get them at a discount.

The Galaxy SmartTag+ comes in denim blue or black and retails for RM149. During the promotion, the price drops to RM109.

The Galaxy SmartTag comes in oatmeal or black and retails for RM110. During the promotion, the price drops to RM99. You can also get it in a two-pack for RM209 or RM159 during the promotion period.

You can find the offer page here.

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