5 People Who Should Definitely Get The New Samsung Galaxy A52

A good fit if you’re looking for something that feels and functions like its expensive, but isn’t.
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The new Samsung Galaxy A52 looks like it could be the perfect smartphone for anyone who’s looking for an all-in-one gadget to put in their pocket.

Priced at just RM1,499, the phone includes some decently high-end features that are usually only available on more expensive devices.

Since Samsung was gracious enough to give us an AWESOME blue A52 in exchange for a review, we’re giving you our take on who should get one and why, keeping in mind that some features are attractive to more than one type of person.

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1. The content consumer

If you’re looking to overdose on your daily content and entertainment then you’ll be more than satisfied with the A52’s 6.5-inch “Super AMOLED Infinity-O” display which, in normal speak, means that it’s a very nice screen to watch videos on.

Able to support full high definition (Full-HD) content, the screen is bright and colourful to the eyes, and once you get used to it, you won’t even notice the phone’s slim bezels and the tiny punch-hole selfie camera.

Easily watch HD videos outdoors.
(CreditL TRP)

The A52 also sounds good. The two, top and bottom, speakers are pretty clear even with the volume at low and really fill a room when you crank them up high.

Additionally, it also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack which is always a win and not guaranteed nowadays.

(Credit: TRP)

On the very plus side, the A52’s IP67 water and dust resistance rating also means that you can continue streaming your videos while taking a steamy shower without being too worried about it getting wet.

Let the phone get wet.
(Credit: TRP)

2. The ‘git-gud’ gamers

The A52 does a rather amazing job at being a mobile gaming device. Its slim design means that it fits just nicely into your palms whether you’re holding it vertically or horizontally, and it’s lightweight enough that you won’t be straining those giggity gaming fingers.

(Credit: TRP)

Running on Samsung’s signature Octa-core processor together with 256GB of storage and 8GB of memory means that you can definitely download and play the bigger and more graphic intensive games out there like Genshin Impact or fast-paced multiplayer games like Call of Duty Mobile.

However, the A52 really shines at giving you a smooth gaming experience with a screen refresh rate of 90Hz, a rare feature for smartphones at this price range. Having a high refresh rate means that any movement on your screen would appear more fluid as the display updates or refreshes itself quickly.

The device performs admirably with the graphics settings set on high. However, it can struggle to maintain a high frame rate at the same time which can make your game lag a little here and there. Just keep your settings at default and things should be fine.

Genshin Impact running on the highest graphic settings.
(Credit: TRP)

It also does warm up slightly as you pile on your gaming hours, but not too much for it to be a distraction.

Of course, the A52’s 4,500mAh battery can only last you so long while gaming, which makes its fast charging mode even more interesting if you have a 25W charger available.

3. The endless scrollers

High screen refresh rates are not only good for gaming but great for just using the A52 to endlessly scroll through the internet. Browsing through social media apps like Instagram or Facebook somehow feels lighter as you glide through pages without the screen jittering.

(Credit TRP)

The A52 also comes pre-installed with Samsung’s “Eye Comfort Shield” and quick feature, enabling you to automatically adjust the phone’s brightness and colour temperature so it’s easier on the eyes at any time of the day.

4. Tik-Tokers

For those who are active on social media or enjoy taking a few quick shots for the photo bank, the A52’s quad-camera setup does a well enough job at capturing vibrant pictures with its 64MP main camera and 12MP ultrawide angle camera.

(Credit: TRP)

Plus its 5MP macro camera and 5MP depth sensor also allow you to get nice close-up shots and portrait photos.

(Credit: TRP)

For those who are aiming at Tik-Tok’s “For You” page, then you’ll be happy to find that the A52 can capture full-HD videos and can go all the way up to recording ultra-HD, 4K videos.

The phone can also record in “Super Steady” mode which is great for people with shaky hands or for you to be shakin while making those bussin Tik-Tok dance videos. The A52 also come with Samsung’s “Fun” mode as well as interactive artificial reality (AR) features to splash more colour into your content.

(Credit: TRP)

5. WFH-ers

With online classes and working from home (WFH) being the norm today, the A52’s selfie camera does a great job at making you look decent on a conference call – though we would recommend sitting in good lighting to get the best out of the 32MP front camera.

The phone also doesn’t slow down too much when you have multiple apps opened at the same time and its “split-screen” function comes in really handy for the times you’d need to multitask on a small device such as this.

(Credit: TRP)

Its 4,500mAh battery can also provide you with enough power for 24 hours on a single charge and it also comes with a dual-sim card tray and expandable storage.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Samsung promises to keep providing regular software updates for the A52 for up to four years, giving the phone some longevity.


Despite being a well-rounded device with some great features, the A52’s plastic body can feel a bit flimsy at times and tends to rattle around the frames when you give it a tight squeeze. But as most people would be using a phone casing anyway, it won’t be too much of a problem.

The phone also comes with a lot of bloatware or less than useful apps that you can’t actually get rid of. However, if you are a fan of Samsung’s mobile ecosystem then you’ll feel right at home with the redesigned One UI 3 operating system which makes things slightly more organised while maintaining that standard Android device feel.

Final thoughts

Overall, the A52 makes a good fit for being the phone to have if you’re looking for something that feels and functions like it’s expensive, but not too much of a burden on your bank account.

Samsung’s interface also makes it relatively easy for anyone who’s not too tech-savvy to quickly pick up on how to use this smartphone besides helping those who already own an Android device to easily switch over to the A52.

I myself will be replacing my now-obsolete 2017 Galaxy Note 8 for the A52 so do keep an eye out on TRP’s FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for more content coming from this awesome phone.

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