Jabra Launches A Professional Headset With Enhanced Audio & Encryption

Using military-grade 256-bit encryption, the Jabra Engage 55 makes sure no one can eavesdrop on your call.

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Jabra today launched the Engage 55, the newest product in its Jabra’s Engage series, a headset designed for executives handling highly sensitive data.

Designed for executives handling highly sensitive data, the connection between the wireless adapter and the headset is certified to the highest DECT Security – Level C. 

It also has additional FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption algorithms to prevent eavesdropping on conversations.

The Busy Light nits that the headset is being used (credit: Jabra)

The headset comes with a link 400 USB DECT adapter in a “puck” design and is, according to Jabra, made to not only be more advanced than its counterparts but designed to last.

The headset and the adapter, together have a range of up to 150 metres/490 feet, a feature that traders, financial advisers, lawyers, corporate managers, and contact centre personnel can appreciate. 

For sound quality, the Jabra Engage 55 features noise cancelling and a voice-enhancing microphone. It is said to be able to block a wide range of background noises and is especially useful for those who work in a busy environment or at home.

(credit: Jabra)

It also has SafeTone 2.0 speech level normalisation to protect the user’s hearing and a lightweight (18-83g, low pressure) design with adaptable ear cups for comfort. 

Users can choose to wear it with stereo, mono, or convertible styles (with the headband behind the head instead of on top).

The new Engage headset works with all leading Unified Communications and Contact Centre platforms, including MS Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Unify, Amazon Chime, Google Meet, Avaya, Unify, and Alcatel Lucent.

The Jabra Engage 55 is available through Jabra authorised resellers in both MS Teams and Unified Communication (UC). It comes in black and has a price ranging from RM1720 to RM2130, depending on the model and included accessories.


  • Jabra Engage 55 MS/UC Stereo USB-A or USB-C (RM1,840)
  • Jabra Engage 55 MS/UC Stereo USB-A or USB-C with charging stand(RM2,130)  
  • Jabra Engage 55 MS/UC Mono USB-A or USB-C (RM1,720)
  • Jabra Engage 55 MS/UC Mono USB-A or USB-C with charging stand RM 2,010)
  • Jabra Engage 55 MS/UC Convertible USB-A or USB-C (RM1,720)

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