Smarter IT Sustainability is Only a Click Away with Expansion of Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service

Lenovo Legion and Yoga Customers Can Now Add Lenovo CO2 Offset to Their Device Purchase.
(Credit: Lenovo Masterbrand Image).

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One year after introducing a new carbon emissions compensation program for its commercial Think PCs, today Lenovo™ announced the expansion of its CO2 Offset Service to its consumer PC portfolio. Available initially on all Lenovo Legion™ and Yoga™ PCs, including those unveiled at CES®, the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service gives consumers a simple and transparent way to offset carbon emissions and help the environment by supporting one of several United Nations Climate Action projects. 

As one of the first PC manufacturers to bring this type of carbon compensation service to the IT industry, Lenovo developed its CO2 Offset Service as a solution for its customers to help them meet their own environmental goals. However, it is just part of the company’s broader Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) strategy and ambitions. Recognizing the toll that human activities are taking on our planet, Lenovo has taken actionable steps to support reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) in the atmosphere. 

Having set our own science-based emissions reduction targets, Lenovo understands the importance of the global effort to mitigate climate change. The introduction of our CO2 Offset Service was always intended to support our customers in their own sustainability efforts, and we take pride in being able to now extend that support beyond the commercial space to our consumer customers, as well. It’s just another part of our bold transformation into a services and solutions provider.

Andrej Durasinovic, Executive Director, International Consumer Services, Solutions & Services Group, Lenovo. 

Research shows that 50% of consumers consider sustainability an important purchase criterion and differentiator. So, while businesses play a large role in addressing the increased GHG emissions that have resulted from human activity, many consumers are seeking to do their part and are beginning to place a higher value on sustainable offerings.

Since launching 12-months ago, the carbon offsets from the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service have helped bring sustainable development benefits to communities around the world, such as improving air and water quality, reducing energy consumption, and supporting safe waste disposal. To date, Lenovo’s business customers have offset more than 500,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide across their purchases of Think PCs (desktops, workstations, laptops). That’s the equivalent of the amount of GHG emitted from more than 100,000 passenger vehicles driven over the course of one year.

Adopting carbon compensation to support a more sustainable future

(Credit: Lenovo Masterbrand Image).

As a market leader in telecommunications in Finland, Elisa caters to more than 2.8 million consumer, corporate, and public administration customers in over 100 markets. With a mission of enabling a sustainable future through digitalization, Elisa has been committed to climate change mitigation for more than 10 years. Among the first of Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service customers, Elisa initially secured the service on its installed base of employee devices. 

We believe that the Lenovo CO2 Offset Service is an added value for our customers and it helps us to implement our mission in our product offering.

Ville Valkama, Director and Head of Elisa’s Vendors & Consumer Electronics Business

As a Lenovo customer and retail partner, Elisa sells CO2 compensated Lenovo PCs to its corporate customer base and is exploring the same for its consumers. 

Whether working remotely, virtually learning or just streaming entertainment, the PC is imperative for our consumer customers to enable a digital future. Our job is to offer the best digital tools and with Lenovo’s new products and services we can offer them sustainably, too.

Ville Valkama, Director and Head of Elisa’s Vendors & Consumer Electronics Business


The CO2 Offset Service is available on all Lenovo Think PCs and will be extending to Lenovo Legion and Yoga PCs purchased via starting January 2022.

More details on CO2 Offset Service specifications, availability and recommended retail pricing will be announced at a later date.

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