WhatsApp Gets A Redesign For Easier Navigation On Android

The new navigation bar is now located at the bottom, as opposed to on top in the previous version.
(Credit: Malay Mail)

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WhatsApp introduced a new bottom navigation bar (navbar) for Android users, replacing the previous top navbar featuring four tabs: Communities, Chats, Status, and Calls.

The updated navbar, described as “closer to your thumbs and easy on the eyes,” retains the four sections for Communities, Chats, Status (now called “Updates”), and Calls.

However, there are changes in their order, and all sections now feature icons, whereas previously only the Communities tab did. Additionally, the old green navbar has been replaced with a white one.

WhatsApp stated that they rearranged the elements to enhance accessibility, allowing users to access desired features more conveniently. With the navbar closer to the thumb, users can easily switch between tabs by clicking on their icons, eliminating the need to stretch to the top of the screen for non-adjacent tabs.

If your WhatsApp is still using the old design, keep an eye out for an update on the Google Play Store.

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