Instagram Will Be Testing Ultra-Tall Photos In The App’s Feed Soon

The new ultra-tall photos will be in 9:16 aspect ratio instead of the current 4:5.
(credit: Fstoppers)

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Everyone is trying to follow what TikTok is doing these days. Facebook, YouTube, and now, Instagram (IG). The photo and video sharing platform announced recently that they would be making some drastic changes to the app, but made a U-turn after they received massive backlash from the users.

Now the company will still proceed with the changes, albeit at a much slower pace and without making them compulsory for all the users.

In an article by The Verge, IG CEO, Adam Mosseri, confirmed that they will be testing the ultra-tall 9:16 aspect ratio photos in the coming weeks, during his weekly Ask Me Anything.

You can have tall videos, but you cannot have tall photos on Instagram. So we thought maybe we should make sure that we treat both equally.

Instagram, CEO, Adam Mosseri

Currently, Instagram can only display vertical photographs that have been cropped appropriately up to a ratio of 4:5. However, adding support for taller, thinner 9:16 photos would enable them to occupy the whole screen while you browse the app’s feed.

IG used to be a platform for photographers to showcase their works. This new redesign, however, was criticised by photographers because it messes with their photos’ original appearance. A photographer, Thomas Fitzgerald, explained why this new 9:16 ultra-tall is terrible in his blog.

Mosseri acknowledged several times that viewing photos in full-screen was not the best option.

According to data collected by the company, some users started using the app less frequently after the redesign because they found it to be so undesirable. He added, that they must take a significant step back, reassess, and determine how they want to go.

Instagram has also stated that it will lessen the number of suggestions provided to users until it improves its ability to choose content they will truly find enjoyable.

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