MCMC Asked Meta To Remove AI-Manipulated Bernama TV News Videos On Facebook

The fake videos depicted the faces of Bernama TV news anchors reading reports on dubious investment schemes.
(credit: Image by Freepik)

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The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has been directed by the Communications Ministry to request for Meta’s intervention in removing manipulated videos using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology from Bernama TV news on Facebook accounts.

Deputy Minister of Communications Teo Nie Ching disclosed that she personally forwarded links to the fake news videos, which featured manipulated footage of Bernama TV news anchors reporting on questionable investment schemes, to the commission for further action, according to Bernama.

Highlighting the recurrence of scammers using AI to create deceptive videos, Teo mentioned a prior instance involving a manipulated speech by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim promoting an investment scheme.

While acknowledging the benefits of AI technology, she emphasised the associated risks when exploited for fraudulent purposes. Teo stressed the importance of public vigilance, urging individuals to report such videos to Meta or MCMC.

Addressing the challenge of identifying account owners, particularly those operating from abroad, Teo expressed concerns about the potential creation of new fake videos. Consequently, she cautioned internet users to exercise caution.

Teo recommended verifying information through fact-checking platforms and enhancing digital literacy to combat the various risks present in the digital world, given Malaysia’s high internet usage.

Simultaneously, Bernama TV’s head, Nor Hamzeela Md Hambali, reported filing police reports regarding two fake Bernama TV news videos uploaded by Facebook accounts named Cyber Community Convergence and Exactly Straight.

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