Apple Is Readying To Launch A New iMac, Two MacBook Airs, And A Mac Pro

All these devices could be coming later this year.
(credit: Apple)

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The previous iMac was released back in April 2021, powered by an M1 chip. But Apple has not released any follow up to iMac for almost two years now. The Mac Pro was released back in December 2019 and it’s the last Apple product still using Intel CPU and not Apple Silicon. But with this rumour, the Mac Pro could be finally joining the rest of Apple’s products in using its in-house developed chip.

Bloomberg reports that the next iMac is currently in the advanced phase of development known as engineering validation testing (EVT), during which it is performing production tests on the machine.

It will have the same screen size and colours as the current iMac. But, it will be powered by a more powerful M-series chip, maybe even M3, which is in development at the same time as the next iMac.

Although the development of the new iMac is at an advanced stage, it’s not anticipated to enter mass production for a minimum of three months. This implies that it will not be available for shipping until at least the second half of the year.

Other than the new iMac, Apple is also planning to launch a new Mac Pro that is powered by M2 Ultra chip. The Mac Pro will have a maximum of 24 CPU cores, 76 graphics cores, and can support at least 192GB of memory.

Last but not least, there will be two new MacBook Air, a 15-inch and a 13-inch model. It’s unclear what M-series chip will be powering these MacBooks, it could be the existing M2 or the new M3.

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