You Can Now Create Your Own Avatar On WhatsApp

This feature will start rolling out today to all users.
(credit: WhatsApp)

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If you like Apple Memoji and you wish other companies start doing the same so you can create something that is uniquely yours, you are in luck. Because WhatsApp is doing exactly just that.

Today, the instant messaging company announced that they are bringing avatars to WhatsApp, so you will have a new and personalized way to express yourself. You can already create avatars on Facebook and Instagram a while ago.

WhatsApp said there are billions of combinations of diverse hair styles, facial features, body types and outfits. Also, you can now use your personalized avatar as your profile photo or choose from one of 36 custom stickers reflecting many different emotions and actions.

(credit: WhatsApp)

This is also a great way to represent yourself without using your real photo if you feel shy or concerned about privacy.

The company added they will continue to deliver style enhancements including lighting, shading, hair style textures, and more that will make avatars even better over time.

The avatar feature is coming out today to all WhatsApp users globally. Go to Google Play Store or App Store and update the app, if not, just wait a day or two for it to show up.

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