Sony Is Cutting PS5 Production By 1 Million Units

People who want the PS5 cannot catch a break.
(Credit: Hello I’m Nik/Unsplash).

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So you want a PlayStation 5 for yourself, because lets be honest here, who doesn’t? Thanks to Sony you are going to have to wait a lot longer than expected.

Reports suggest that Sony will be reducing production numbers of the PS5 to 15 million units by March 2022.

Which likely means Sony won’t reach its 14.8 million units sold by the deadline, as the global chip shortage continues to plague the industry.

Sony Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki told investors that logistical issues will continue to persist for Sony.

This follows previous comments from Totoki-san that the ongoing pandemic will continue to affect the supply chain and a new wave will ruin it even more.

This is especially true in developing countries that produce parts for the console where its noted that the pandemic and slow vaccination roll outs had dragged down production.

(Credit: Brian Kostiuk/Unsplash)

To make things even worse, the problem is no longer JUST main processor supply shortage from TSMC but they are also short on power chips from Toshiba.

However, Sony is fully aware that if they try and keep manufacturing PS5 in a steady enough pace, they will sell. The latest in the PlayStation line has already taken the crown for fastest Sony-made console to hit 10 million units sold, but since dropped behind PS4 numbers as the chip shortage continues.

(Credit: NVIDIA)

Another problem that could possibly discourage people from getting the PS5 besides supply, is current users complaining that the game selection for the so called “Next Generation” console to be less than satisfactory. Many have opt for PC games, where we have seen Sony releasing their exclusives on.

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To be fair, Sony isn’t the only company dealing with the chip shortage and supply issue. Valve delayed their Steam Deck launch, Nintendo has cut Switch target sales down for the year and it is common knowledge among PC gamers that getting a GPU is harder nowadays.

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