Samsung Is Betting On New Smart Home Matter Standard

Being an early backer in the standard, Samsung is going all in now.
Image from Samsung.

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Smart home appliances are the norm in today’s tech linked world. One can have a smart fridge that tells them what groceries are needed or a smart robot vacuum that does the job automatically.

However, Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers don’t have a set standard on how all the different brands will communicate with each other. That is where the Matter standard comes in.

What is Matter Standard?

Matter is a royalty-free home automation connectivity standard, so all smart home appliances can reduce fragmentation across different platforms, giving the users a seamless experience.

The goal for Matter was to simplify development of smart home appliances for manufacturers while giving end users less compatibility issues.

The standard is designed to work on an Internet Protocol or IP.

It enables smart home devices, mobile apps, and cloud services to communicate and to define a specific set of IP-based networking.

At launch back in 2018 companies like Amazon, Google, Samsung and Apple among others were the original backers to this project.

Image from Samsung.

Samsung’s All In

The Korean juggernaut has announced that they are going all in with the Matter Standard across all Galaxy devices, televisions, Family Hub appliances, and SmartThings.

The announcement was made in their Samsung Developer Conference that is being held this week.

Samsung has also reportedly joined the Thread Group Board of Directors alongside the likes of Apple, Google, Lutron, Qualcomm, and Silicon Labs to further develop the technology.

With Samsung SmartThings adopting Matter standard, it is now possible to add previously incompatible devices to the SmartThings Hub.

This is also true in reverse; users can connect SmartThings to Matter compatible devices, increasing the amount of choices consumers have in their homes.

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