Bad Internet Connection? It’s Not Us, It’s You, Says ISP

TM says the location of the router in your home is the source of your internet woes.
(credit: Misha Feshchak / Unsplash)

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Because of our increased reliance on the internet, we are more aware of slowdowns and service disruptions. We often blame the service provider, sometimes the weather, and even undersea cables. But what if it’s actually our fault?

Telekom Malaysia (TM) head of Customer Experience, Lolita Mohamed Suffian said, in a Bernama report, that the most likely reason why you’re having a bad experience with the internet at home it’s because you placed the router in the wrong location. 

She said that for the best internet experience one should place the router where they spend the most time on the internet, away from appliances like cordless phones, baby monitors or microwave ovens, or overlapping broadband equipment

“if one is always in the living room, then the router should be placed there. Also, ensure that the router is not in a closed room or near a reflective or metal surface, to optimise WiFi connection,” says Lolita during ‘Ruang Bicara’ on Bernama TV.

She also recommends that users in larger houses upgrade to a mesh router and those with high speed internet of 100Mbps or more should upgrade to a WiFi6 router to get full access to the speeds they are subscribed to.

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