FIFA Never Liked EA Anyway, Will Now See Other Publishers.

FIFA digs into EA and ends the relationship making FIFA 22 the last game to carry FIFA’s name.
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Looks like FIFA and EA’s divorce will not be amicable as the football association is looking to other publishers.

FIFA in a statement said that they are widening their game portfolio, which obviously has nothing to do with EA’s recent announcement.

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FIFA is bullish and optimistic about its long-term future in gaming and esports following a comprehensive and strategic assessment of the gaming and interactive entertainment market.

FIFA’s statement.

FIFA wanted to charge EA US$1 Billion every four years to license the FIFA moniker according to IGN SEA.

Image from EA.

FIFA also had a quick dig at EA in their statement saying that they are no longer keen on having only one party having controlling rights.

Image from Steam.

FIFA is reportedly “engaging with various industry players, including developers, investors and analysts, to build out a long-term view of the gaming, esports and interactive entertainment sector.”

FIFA 22 is looking to be the final installment of the football game with the FIFA name, with EA successfully trademarking EA Sports FC.

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