Apple Watch Straps – Which One Is The Best [Review]

After six months of working out with several different watch straps, we have things to say.
(credit: Tech TRP)

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The Apple Watch straps come in various colours, materials and designs. They look good and they compliment the look of the Apple Watch. 

But today we are not talking about fashion, instead we will share our thoughts about each type of Apple Watch strap after using them while working out for six months.

The Sport Band

(credit: Tech TRP)

Made of fluoroelastomer — synthetic rubber — these bands are easy to clean, durable, and comfortable to wear. Each box comes with two straps with the holes and one with the pin. 

Using its tuck and pin system may require some practice, but it gives us some degree of adjustability but may not fit everyone perfectly. 

We can wear it snug during workouts and loosen it afterwards.

The only major issue we found is that the pin on the band is made of metal and its base is touching bare skin. It’s not a problem until you wear it while cooking. 

We’ve experienced first hand rising  steam from draining pasta heating up the pin and its base to a point where it burned our skin.

The Solo Loop

(credit: Tech TRP)

Just as hygienic and comfortable but stretchy and easy to wear, this silicone rubber watch band was a stroke of design genius. 

It is an excellent strap, if it fits well. No worries about it coming off or loosening during a workout. Just make sure the size is right because there are no adjustments. 

Too tight and the band will hold sweat on the skin that could lead to irritation. 

Too loose and it will mess with the effectiveness of the Apple Watch’s sensors.

So before purchasing one use the measuring guide on the Apple website or have it fitted at an official Apple retailer. Else, skip it. 

The Braided Solo Loop

(credit: Tech TRP)

Its breathability and more forgiving elasticity makes this recycled yarn and silicone strap an excellent choice. 

It can be worn snug during and after workouts because it wicks away the sweat. It is really well made and it stands out.

Because it acts like fabric it can get dirty, stained, and soaked. It’s not a good option for outdoor sports activities.

On the plus side, it does wash like fabrics and darker colours are easier to maintain.

The Sport Loop 

(credit: Tech TRP)

This nylon band has all the right features, it’s adjustable, breathable, washable, and because it’s thin, it dries fast.

The hook-and-loop makes it a perfect fit for almost everyone. Sure, it can also get stained, but it washes off better, and those unique colour combos are sporty and eye catching. 

It’s perfect for workouts.

What’s not perfect is its durability. The nylon can get overstretched, the hook can get clogged, and the loop can get frayed. But with a bit of cleaning, it can still function as a watch band. 

Our Recommendation

You can’t go wrong with any of these Apple Watch straps as long as it fits your requirements. 

However, if we were made to rank them, on top of our list is the Sport band for its adjustability and durability. It’s followed by the Braided Solo Loop for its unique build, the Sport Loop for its practicality, and the Solo Loop for its low maintenance. 

Also note that each of these bands are now available in new colours, so using that to make your decision is fine too. 

Omitted Bands

There are a few more types of bands in the Apple Watch lineup that we didn’t;t include in this list. 

The Nike Sport Band is similar to the Sport Band but with holes for style and breathability. 

The Nike Sport Loop is the same as the Sport Loop but with Nike branding. 

The Leather and Stainless steel bracelets are omitted because they are more fashionable than a practical workout watch strap. 

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