National Digital ID Paves Way For Efficient Aid Deployment In Malaysia During Crisis

The government encouraged all civil servants to register as the Rahmah Cash Aid (STR) and all forms of targeted subsidies will be channelled through the Digital ID.
(credit: Anwar Ibrahim on X)

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The implementation of the National Digital Identity or Digital ID among Malaysians will streamline the verification and distribution of aid during crises or natural disasters, ensuring prompt and precise assistance to those in need.

Chairman of the Malaysian Cyber Consumer Association (MCCA), Datuk Ahmad Noordin Ismail, highlights the potential of Digital ID to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and enhance the impact of government subsidies. By facilitating the efficient distribution of assistance, Digital ID aims to reach target groups more accurately and effectively, according to Bernama’s news report.

According to Ahmad Noordin, the Digital ID, a form of digital self-identification and authentication, is designed for use by both the public and private sectors to verify user identities during online transactions.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim clarified that while registration with Digital ID is not mandatory, civil servants are encouraged to register, as Rahmah Cash Aid (STR) and other targeted subsidies will be channelled through the Digital ID.

Ahmad Noordin, a former Principal Assistant Director at Bukit Aman specialising in cybercrimes and multimedia investigations, highlighted that the technology employs digital certificate technology to enhance security in online transactions by verifying identities through cryptographic keys.

However, he cautioned about the potential misuse of Digital ID as a ‘mule ID’ by third parties for fraudulent or illegal activities. He stressed the importance of the government implementing robust security measures to prevent misuse, safeguard the system’s integrity, and maintain public trust in the initiative.

While supporting the Digital ID aspirations for the well-being of Malaysians, Ahmad Noordin underscored the necessity of ensuring the system’s integrity and consistency to prevent misuse and build public confidence in the government.

Furthermore, he advocated for comprehensive digital education to ensure that all segments of society benefit fully from Digital ID. This approach aims to prevent digital divides and contribute to the long-term success of the country’s digitalisation initiatives.

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