Youtube Will Be Adding A New Experimental Feature To Premium Users

The Pinch to zoom feature enables you to zoom in while watching a video, and it will be available until 1 September.
(credit: YouTube/ Annie Spratt/ Unsplash)

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Sometimes, when you are watching YouTube videos, don’t you wish there was a zoom function so you could take a closer look at a certain thing? Well, YouTube has got you covered. The video-sharing site giant has released a new feature that allows you to do exactly that.

According to 9to5Google, premium YouTube subscribers have early access to brand new experimental features that aren’t quite ready for public release.

The latest experimental feature coming from YouTube is called “Pinch to zoom.” You can now zoom in on videos while you watch them, and it works in portrait mode only.

(credit: YouTube)

This feature differs slightly from the long-available feature that lets you fill your screen in landscape mode. With pinch to zoom, you may enlarge the video player with two fingers rather than having it take up the entire screen. You may pan around and focus on various areas of the video after zooming in.

If you have the YouTube app for Android, just click your profile picture, then select Your Premium benefits to access the new feature. From there, you can access the Try new features page and enable pinch to zoom on YouTube.

Be quick though if you want to try. This feature will only be available until 1 September 2022.

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