You Can Now Add Anyone’s MySejahtera Vaccination Certificate On Apple Wallet

It’s a bit tricky to do, but the vaccination certificate will show in the Apple Wallet app on the Apple Watch as well.

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If you’re travelling and you need your vaccination certificate handy, this latest feature from Apple may help. 

First reported by Soya Cincau, Apple Wallet now accepts MySejahtera vaccine certificate and displays it in an EU Digital COVID Certificat (EU DCC) format. 

That means you can have your vaccination certificate in an EU recognised format on your iPhone and Apple Watch. 

You can also have anyone’s vaccination certificate (family members or strangers) by scanning it into Apple Wallet too. 

There are two ways of doing it, both of them are a bit tricky,

Scanning The Digital Certificate

You can easily add anyone else’s MySejahtera Vaccine certificate to your Apple wallet by scanning the QR codes on the Digital Certificate, one by one. 

The MySejahtera Digital Certificate is located in the profile. 

When you launch the app, tap close (top right) on the check-in page, tap profile on the lower right, and scroll down to find the certificates.

But, if you want to add your own Digital Certificate, you will have to take a screenshot of it ( side button + volume up), open it on another device – perhaps using iCloud – and scan it using the iPhone’s camera or QR scanner. 

A prompt will pop up asking if you would like to add the certificate to your Wallet. 

Each QR code is a certificate for one dose, you will have to scan all three (first dose, second dose, and booster) separately.

Scanning The Generated Certificate

This method requires the Live Text feature and it can still be tricky. 

First, go to your digital certificate page in MySejahtera and generate a PDF certificate. 

Just tap the button on the right at the bottom of the certificate. You may need to tap it a second time for it to pop up.

Then, take a screenshot of the three QR codes. When the preview appears on the lower left, tap it. 

The Live Text option should appear on the lower right. If it doesn’t tap the marker tip looking icon on the top, next to the trashcan first. 

Here Live Text will work with the QR code and you can add them to your Apple wallet just by tapping them and acknowledging the prompt. 

Why Go Through The Trouble?

Having another copy of your or your loved one’s vaccination certificate on you is just helpful especially while travelling. 

It’s not compulsory, but it may give you peace of mind.

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