New Instagram feature now lets you silence bullies & trolls FOREVER

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Let’s face it, haters gonna hate…

And most of the time you can’t really control or predict what people are going to say, especially on social media.

Well, a new feature on Instagram now lets you Restrict unwanted comments and unsought opinions on your postings.


The new feature was rolled out as part of Instagram’s efforts to curb online bullying by protecting your account from unwanted interactions.

Now you can simply ghost those internet trolls without the need of fully blocking them or reporting them to IG.


So how does the new feature work?

You can restrict someone by simply swiping left on an undesired comment or commenter and selecting “Restrict”.

You can also tap on the comment you’d like to restrict, hit the blue “caution” icon next to the delete button on the top navigation bar, and chose “Restrict”.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Or if you’re feeling extra giddy on pinning down undesired comments and people, you can also head directly to the profile of the person you want to restrict and do it there.

(Image Credit: TRP)

You can also do the same through your “Privacy Settings” on your profile page.

(Image Credit: TRP)

Once you enable Restrict, comments on your posts from a person you have restricted will only be visible to that person. (so they can just syok sendiri la now…)

You can choose to view the comment by tapping “See Comment” and choose to ignore it, approve the comment to let everyone else see it, or just delete it altogether.

Do note that you won’t receive any notifications for comments from a restricted account.

The new feature is part of Instagram’s move to empower the online community and taking a stand towards cyberbullying and negativity.

(Image Credit: CHEEZburger)

So now you can continue to show off your creativity without being bothered by all those clowns on social media!

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