Nvidia Confirmed It Was Hacked

The culprit is leaking the company’s employee credentials and proprietary information.
(credit: Christian Wiediger / Unsplash)

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Last week, Nvidia confirmed that it was investigating an incident that is possibly part of a ransomware attack.

It was believed that the attack was financially motivated and not because of geopolitical tensions. 

This week, Nvidia confirmed that they were attacked and that the bad actors are currently leaking their employee credentials and proprietary information on the internet. 

It told PC MAG that it was aware of the intrusion on 23 Feb a day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Nvidia also said that they have no evidence of ransomware being used and named LAPSUS$ as the attacker.

A security analyst told The Verge that based on the hacker group’s previous activities, it is probable that they operate out of South America. 

The Verge also reported that LAPSUS$ have approximately a terabyte of data from Nvidia and 250G of it is about the company’s latest GPU.

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