You Can Use “Find My” For AirPods Max And AirPods Pros Now

You can now find exactly where your AirPods Pro and Max are.
Photo by Akhil Yerabati on Unsplash

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New firmware updates for Apple products are slowly trickling down as support for Find My feature is being expanded.

Initially the update was supposed to be launched with iOS 15, but was delayed. Now that it is here, you don’t have to worry about losing your AirPods Pro and Max anymore.

Before the update, it only lets you know of the last known location of the AirPods as long as you are connected via Bluetooth, if not, it is as good as gone.

The updated “Find My” now lets you locate your AirPods live if they go missing. The method is similar to finding your AirTags, although not as precise because the AirPods do not have Apple’s U1 chip.

When “Lost Mode” is activated, the AirPods will send a continuous Bluetooth beacon to nearby Apple devices, later notifying the owner via the vast “Find My” network. Neat right?

Don’t fear losing your AirPods Max anymore.

Just like the AirTag you can attach messages to contact you when someone finds your AirPods. Just that, if you are using normal AirPods, this feature wont be available for you to use.

You will have to keep your AirPods Pro and Max charged and near a connected iPhone, in hopes the update happens.

The new firmware update will be known as version 4A400, and you can check if you’ve got it by going into Settings on your iPhone.

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