Raise Digimon, Collect Ultraman, And Battle Kamen Rider Right On Your Wrist

Bandai’s Vital Bracelet brings back the fun in staying active with a heap of nostalgia.

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Remember Pokémon GO, the location based mobile game that made going out, walking, and socialising fun?

Now that we are stuck at home and can only exercise within a 10KM radius, the appeal of collecting, hatching, and battling those pocket monsters have faded. 

The Vital Bracelet

Bandai’s Vital Bracelet

However, Bandai, the folks who introduced Tamagotchi and Digimon to the world, have a new plan to make being active fun again.

The Vital Bracelet is a combination of a fitness wearable with virtual pets and famous hero characters.

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster

TLDR; the strength, happiness and evolution of the character you have in your Vital Bracelet depends on how active you are. 

Completing “missions” in the form of activity challenges, for example sprinting for 20 seconds, makes your hero or virtual pet stronger. 

Then test the mettle of your little sprite by tapping the Vital Bracelet on any NFC tag, like the turnstile at a train station, to find an enemy to battle. 

You can then save your progress and even back up your characters by linking the Vital Bracelet to your smartphone. 

The Characters

Franchises available on Vital Bracelet so far

Vital Bracelet was launched in March 2021 along with additional Digital Identified Memory (DIM) Cards. 

Each DIM Card carries a different character or set of Digimon that can be used with the Vital Bracelet. 

Most DIM Cards contain 14 or more Digimons with branching evolutions. However there are also special edition DIM cards that have fewer Digimons and without branching evolution. 

Recently Bandai announced that they are going to add Ultraman, Ultra Monsters, and Kamen Rider to the mix with additional DIM Cards. 

The Catch

Upcoming DIM Card

Vital Bracelets are first and foremost a toy, not a serious fitness tracker. Its pedometer and heart rate monitor, according to online reviews, isn’t accurate.

Also, the DIM Cards, although relatively inexpensive, can trigger that collector’s impulse. While some are readily available, some are rare and limited. 

At the same time DIM Cards cannot be shared or traded, they can only be paired with one Vital Bracelet, and the correct DIM Card is needed if you want to switch between characters. 

The Price

Vital Bracelet Digital Monster version is available now and retails for RM420. 

Currently each DIM Card retails for around RM70. However, expect the price to fluctuate with favourite and limited edition characters.

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What I think

Vital Bracelet
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After long time considering all features of this product, this is where I draw my conclusion
Its a very good bracelet and this is a review text.

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